Clearwater Martial Arts and
Fitness Academy
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We are dedicated to providing our students high quality, friendly, professional martial arts instruction.  It is our goal to improve our students physical, mental, and spiritual quality of life through martial arts training.
Come train in beautiful Clearwater!
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A little bit about our classes....

This is a traditional karate class where students learn self-defense, respect, forms(katas), and discipline.  Students learn standing self defense techniques as well as grappling techniques.  Increase your strength, flexibility, and speed through physical conditioning.  Increase your mental focus with the practice of forms.  Improve your fighting skills through sparring and grappling with a partner. 

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Mixed Martial Arts is an exploding sport!  This class is for ages 16 and up.  Learn the time proven techniques of submission grappling along with the most effective stricking techniques from boxing and muay thai.  Learn how to combine your striking and grappling game. No gi techniques.  Mixed Martial Arts is like a chess game for your body.  The true meaning of a total body workout.


A Filipino weapons based art focusing on use of the single and double stick, knife, karambit, stick and dagger, sarong, and whip.  Learn how to defend yourself against weapons.  Live weapon sparring.  A realistic and brutal art of self defense.  Ages 16 and up.